Abstract Jester

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The Jester is a surreal being that's omniscient of the world, being the unknown anomaly that is capable of shapeshifting and materializing objects without a definite label.


The Jester is a remnant of the Kolor Machine's first impact on the world, quite omniscient of the world with it's newfound colors. The Jester was capable of shape-shifting, display many anomaly that cannot be achieved under normal circumstances in comparison to the Mooners. Their fear of her brought her a fun play thing, the Geo-Robo. Of course, all good things has to come to an end and she out of her own will becomes part of the Gacha Machine, acting as the source of Gachapon.

Personality and Relationship

Abstract Jester generally has a playful nature due to charm as a Jester. She's relatively passive albeit reckless during her her fight with Geo-Robo. Due to how she represent Entropy, it's likely she's couldn't care as much.

Although not explored in the summary of the Abstract Jester and Geo-Robo, there was a time in which The Jester greets the Unknown Spectator and befriended them. His betrayal towards her is forgiven on a whim.

Battle Information

Her transformative properties such as transforming herself grants her a unique sense of evasion, making any kind of hole to avoid damage. It's never quite seen what has happened when she has been given damage under normal circumstances.

Her transformative property allows her to materializing with her essence, granting her usage of her Abstract Bombs. The Abstract Bombs are lethal towards a normal individual, meshing and blending normal matter and twisting it. Matter would undergo massive deterioration, segregating. She tosses her bombs, generally randomized. She refer to this technique as Static Flash

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