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Random Nonsense Gathering, also known as RNG is a universe is contained within Timeline Ar. That contain two separate worlds, World of RNG and Faerie.

RNG: Reincarnation

This iteration within the Timeline is is noted with the appearance of the Summoner by the name of Lil Kenny and another unknown person was brought into the Otherworldly Lining. The boss that's currently moderated the world is Faerie Gris.

World of RNG(Reincarnation)
Places Creatures First Units Second Units Third Units Fourth Units Fifth/Boss Units
Faerie NaN Puppeteer Hawser Slayer Gray Dragon Scyrax Skipper Syrup Sakamoto-Sama
Okay High Homework Packer Brolee Watermelon Emili Runner Michela Cursed Emoji Richard
Kek Studio Inkthee Merchant Jack Maintenance Barry DJ Dear Inkthee Pendy Creator Olive
Deruntale Monster Fansy Snas Foot Soldier Rusypap King Goreas Resilient Weyflo Warrior Dyenun
V o i d Abomination Marsh Fen Rocky Ben Vengeful Joki Golden Kemuri Feathered Shen
??? NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN ????
Cloverfield (Saint Patrick Special) Hobgoblin Banshee Nessa Far Darring Oisin Leprechaun Tiernan Fear Gorta Clover Abhartach Donal