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Welcome to the overall list of characters. This is to categorize individuals who've existed across the Storiverse. If you are rather looking for monsters that appears in the story, there's a page provided(Creatures).

Original Collection

For now, the current lists is a draft. The final product may not even have all that is listed.

Original Collection
Timeline Story One Story Two Story Three
Random Nonsense Gathering(Ar) 0. Lil Kenny and Faerie Gris

0. Puppeteer Hawser, Slayer Gray, Dragon Scyrax, Skipper Syrup and Sakamoto-Sama

1. Packer Brolee, Watermelon Emili, Runner Michela, Cursed Emoji and Richard

2. Merchant Jack, Maintenance Barry, DJ Dear, Inkthee Pendy and Creator Olive

3. Fansy Snas, Foot Soldier Rusypap, King Goreas, Resilent Weyflo and Warrior Dyneun

4. Marsh Fen, Rocky Ben, Vengeful Joki, Golden Kemuri and Feathered Shen

5. ????

S. Banshee Nessa, Far Darring Oisin, Leprechaun Tiernan, Fear Gorta Clover and Abhartach Donal

Shattered Momentum(Ai) 0. Creator CedricM

0. Summoner Kross, Summoner J-lass, Summoner Nora and Summoner Arashi 0. Zenith Zenniken, Fairy Mary, Xeno Galaxia and Samurai Satoshi

1. Sniper Marked, Boxer Beep, Painter Tidal, Gunslinger Makoto and Spirit Kikicoco

2. Rusher Svyana, Demolition Lybi, Scrapegoat Nehn, Hitman Vani and Manic Draco

3. Secretary Apaph, Candyman Rainbow, Pumpkin Sod, Janitor Eol and Ruler Moss

4.Squid JoseGS, Wolf Crystal, Siren Wendy, Orge Damien and Eldric Wedran

5. ????

SB. ???? and ????

0. Summoner Choco (partnered with Rainbow and Sod)

0. Summoner Kross(Partnered with Drax and Moss)

0. Summoner J-lass(Partnered with Fairy Mary and Lady J)

0.Sumoner Nora(Partnered with Xeno Galaxia and Queen Cynthia)

1. Clown Town, Joker John, Ninja Len, Mimionette and Jester Jane

2. Feral Trio, Assassin Shadows, Dream Swan, Techo Recyclers and God Emperor Paladin

3. [Unplanned]

4. [Unplanned]

5. Motherly JaJa, Hydro Dueler Kek, Cookie Eyes, Ronin Romac and Pao Pao Spectre

6. DJ Memory, Boss Bossa, Piggy Ancer, ???? and ????

7. ????

SB. ???? and ????

0. Summoner Kross with Aquamarine

0. Summoner Arashi with Shinobi Satoshi and Big Boss Bossa

0. Summoner Nora with Milky Way Galaxia and Sytho Cynthia

0.Piggy Ancer with Princess Titania and Traveler Zachery

1. Monochrome Duo, Speedster Syvana, Ruler Draco, Ruler Moss and Star Mono

2. Kracken JoseGS, Harpy Wendy, Wolf Crystalized, King Wedran and DJ Adam

3. Retired Vani, Jolly Jane, Craftsman Tidal. Muse Kikicoco and Archangel Galen

4. Virtues Tirt, Dominions Modin, Thrones Ronth, Cherubin Bemchir and Seraphim Sephm

5. ????

S. Christmas Eve, Black Sheep G, and Lost Scourge

Folk Tales(Br) 0. Storyteller, Blizzard, Admin and WarThunder

0. Apple Reaper, Fairy Earl, The Boys and Lighting

1. Samurai Anthony, Chef Taniya, Fighter Monk Frank, Horseman Melvin and Sage Alexander

2. Fluff B e a r, Cyclops Yun, Colorado's Mask, Mobile JetFire and Tailor Taylor

3. Magpie Jenny, Farmer McDonald, Listless Liz, Blue Ox Babe and Immortal Z3pHr0

4.Warrior Aiken, Crooked Dan, Fallen Qlaxander, Enlighten Damon and Deathless Paradox

5. ???

SB. ??? and ???

0. Miami Storyteller, Yakuza Blizzard, & Admin and Dragonforce WarThunder

0. Faerie Gris, "What a Fool", Sister S and "Through the Fire"

1. Rage Comic DeArp, Pure Sugar, Noteblock Firecream, Shooting Star Platinum, Borkus Lazercream

2. Lemonade Mark, DankSmokerion, Raiz-Y, MiyaTheBOI and NyanCena

3. MLG Jane, All Star Bryan, Megalo Makoto, Eurobeat Z3pHr0 and Bizarre Erika

4. Undead Kenny, Fireflies Fate, Lily Hatena, Rektin' Manny and Meme Queen J

5. EpicStormGallade, MarshmellowPal, Where's Jollyan, Illuminati Gaia and Dogime Thous

6. ???

S. Dragonforce Lighting, Douchebag Steve, R-Dizzle, Thug Boxman and Requiem Chin Chin

Mythilogial Mirage 0. Monk Thous

1. Milo Gaia

2. Eel Samuel

3. Mercenary Ginger

4. Sleepy Po Lars

0. Thous, Milo Gaia, Eel Samuel, Mercenary Ginger and Po Lars.

Original Scrapped

Original Scrapped
Stories Main Characters Sub Characters Background/Minor Characters
Overall (Mis/Alt/Refr/Scrapped) Summoner Kenneth, Puppet(Old), Madam Gris(Old), Storyteller(Old), Blizz Wiz(Old), Rogue Kernel(Old), Red Grayscale, Rizox(Old), Swordwomen Brit, Satoshi(Old) Salt Shakers(Old), Nomads(Old), Shinigami Dashawn, Shattered Jess, Aqua(Old), Shimmer Earl(Old), Piggy Ancer(Old) MisAdventure Cameos, Alterative Story Units,
Meme Hunter/Sharer Specific Admin, Gal S, Gal J, Meme Sharer, Woody Truck, Where's Abel, LazerCream(Old), Platinum(Old), DeArp(Old), LazerCrew(Old), SANIC Turtle, Meme Queen's Squad, Luke Skyanwalker, Misadventure Donavin MarkedSniper, DankLordSmokrion, Salvaged Sheltered(Old), Admin's Boys(Old), Bringer's Associates
K's Memories Summoner Kross(Old), Zenniken(Old), Male Spiral, Green Grayscale, Dark Choco and Ah-chan(Old) Grave Guardian Eol, DJ Fear(Original), Pirate Jessie Crew, Captain Jack Crew, Light Orb Guardians, Night Angel(OH) and Sol Cultist. DJ Adam(Old), Athena, Researcher Xavier,
Offshoots Merchant Jack(Old), Goblin Olive(Old), Unknown Spectator(AJ&GR), Abstract Jester and Geo-Robo Lodging Manager Sam, Nun Mary(JoAT), Ronin Kenichi, Landlord Skiee, Nameless Hero, Lucas(JoAT), Patchwork Killios, Medic Cain and Patient Ana. JoAT's Cameos, Obscure Bandit Family(JoAT) and Mooners