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Faerie Gris is the Guardian of Faerie and World of RNG. She plays a supporting role in guiding Lil Kenny through their adventure, roaming through each level within the Gacha


Faerie Gris is a causally dressed Faerie with a black skin with a magenta glow on the edges. She is shown with a notable color scheme of White, Dark Magenta, Viridian and Magenta. Her hair is viridian-dark magenta gradient and her eye color is viridian color. Her hoodie is white with a sub color of viridian that also displays on her heart pattern. Her shirt, skirt and shoes are dark magenta that also maintains the same sub colors. She is seen with net stocking, although it can be hard to see. Her wings are translucent viridian and magenta.


She is shown to be excited and a caring individual. Examples are the beginning in which she guides and helps Lil Kenny on the mechanics of battle and the World of RNG. She seem to maintain a good amount of hope regarding her companions' success.


She appears before a nameless lad who've struggled with his memory. As they talked in the Otherworldly Lining as to help turn him into a Summoner, she assisted in giving the lad a new name. The summoner's attained a new name, referred as Lil Kenny. Once the task was finished, she decided to go over the mechanic of Gacha pertaining to both the World of RNG and Faerie.



  • Her design is based on Misadventure Gris, providing a basis as it maintain a good chuck but with the exclusion of her old sleeves