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Geo-Robo is a creation brought about from the Unknown Spectator. He serves to protect the Mooners and only capable of being the more known items with definite textures and labels.


Geo-Robo is a machine that was built by the Unknown Spectator. The machine seem to gradually understand what was going on, being created due to the Mooners fearing the Abstract Jester. During the development of his creation, he grew knowledgeable of the future, of a planet that full of water, air, land and magma. He sought to protect the existence of this single small, meaningful planet. To please the Mooners, it tasked himself to condense his matter into a sword. With a collection the known, he manages to combat the Jester long enough. In his final will, He seals the Jester, turning his body into a Gacha Machine that'd be useful.

Personality and Relationship

Geo-Robo personality started out with a more cold and mechanical. However over time with the constant repairs and adjustments from the Unknown Spectator, it grew more of an attachment.

Similar to the Abstract Jester, it wasn't explored in the Abstract Jester and Geo-Robo summary. With it's camera eyes, it couldn't see the stars that his creator sees. It was given a promise that it'd be given eyes to see the distant lights. That promise didn't come into fruition as he brought the Jester with him in the seal.

Battle Information

In contrast to the wild colors of Geo Robo, his composition is made up of relatively known material such as the Earth with it's warm mantle, the bodily fluids such as water that cools down his system, the plasma that keeps his circuits constant and the air that is use to eject force. This can materialize into attacks, thrusting the Sword-Arm with layers of potent elements. Fire for the flare, Water for the shock and earth for the mass.

This specific technique referred as Slash of the Meaningful Known, puts more emphasis on the meaning within the celestial body of Earth that was the source of life at the time. The Sword-Arm starts materializing organic matter, full of scales, fur, feathers, and slime and having it burst with the five elements of the star.