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Olive is a goblin that lived a relatively rustic life. He was one of the carriers of Gacha-Robo's bolts before being inevitably found out by the Summoner and Ellie. He was saved by a Merchant named Jack who is later partnered up together. Olive would be planned to undergo many developments. Olive is suppose to be the main character of Jack of All Trades.


Before he was given a name the Goblin along with his other brethren was given a task by the Tribe Leader to snag the screws of the Gacha Robo to study them. While Olive ran with the screws, he hears the screams of his brothers and hid behind the tree with his mouth closed. There was a risk of him peeking out of the tree, in which he was spotted. With the sudden ambush from the other goblin, who've provided the Goblin the distraction needed to run away once more. The Summoner reaches towards Goblin, in which there was a barrier to shield the Goblin. A masked merchant with a jester hat covered the Goblin and made a compromise with the Summoner and the Fairy.

Upon being saved by the Merchant named Jack, Olive got some help regarding the burial of his fellow brothers with the collection of rocks and dug up dirt. After the task has been done, Jack spoke for a brief time, giving the Goblin the name Olive and ask for a partnership. Olive agrees.

Since that day, Olive and Jack ventured through the forest. They headed towards the Kingdom, although noticing the sense of glares that has been lingering. The tribe of goblins comes out of the woodworks and approached the Olive and Jack. The goblins recognized Olives and communicates through clicks. The goblins worries over Olive, despite Olive informing them the situation that he was in. With the doubt and hope of the goblins, Olive decided to continue on and go with Jack.

When he arrived in the Kingdom, Olive is isolated given the fact that he is a Goblin himself. During the time in the Kingdom, he was assign a teacher at the church, being Nun Mary in which she teaches him the language and the religion in question. Jack gave Olive some arts and crafts supplies in which Olive is given a opportunity to expand on his creatives pursuit.

Two weeks past since they have settled in the Kingdom. Olive gotten used to the language, although he still struggles finding the right wording as noted from the pauses. By then, it's the first time he meets Kenichi and Skiee. They were invited by the duo to hang out in the plaza. Olive went with Ken to get something to eat. They heard a scream that came from Aoi and went to towards it, combatting the bats until the task was taken over by the Summoner and Ellie. Given how the bats doesn't fade away with their own battle, they assists Jack to burry the bodies as a fertilizer.

About a month passed since Olive and Jack stayed in the kingdom. Jack leads Olive to the Skiee's housing however the trip was subsided with the group of bandits in which was fought off. It was revealed that it was Hero's siblings. Olive resume back to the trip where he sits by with Hero.

A day passes, in which Olive prepares himself to go to the Church for his normal routine. Upon taking the trip back to the kingdom and reaching the church, the door is closed shut, as if something was blocking it. Olive helped opened the door along with the others. This took immense effort until the door was open. Before them was a man who calls himself Lucas. The man reveals that Olive shouldn't exists and how Jack in the anomaly in question. There were losses with Skiee and Kenichi Hero enters in with his neutrality and combat Lucas. Olive and Jack were left alive.

Personality and Relationship

Olive is a timid and overall aimless, following his tribe's order as a way to keep himself occupied. In the moment of danger, he took a flight response and ran from the Summoner who've hunted him. Although thanks to Jack saving him, he's slowly grown accustom to speaking, albeit slowly. He also has grown braver, as shown with combating the bats

He views Jack as a guide, a source of companionship and perhaps more as he is able to explore more about his creative desire and ultimately be able to reach out to more people with the help of Nun Mary. He befriended Ronin Kenichi due to how strange he was and he like to be with him during Plaza, fighting alongside. He's passive towards Skiee.

Hero is certainly questionable, being more close to him. Perhaps it's due to how he views his situation to be close to Hero's, given how Bandits and Goblins are common enemies. This sense of their tribe being rough place was where they shared their hardships. When Goblin was confronted with fact that he shouldn't exist, Hero defended him. Unfortunately, Goblin was unable to thank him.

Battle Information

When using his magic, Olive spark up a green flame. This ability does not actually light anything on fire, likely serving as a pseudo-flame. It however has Wind properties, affecting Water units effectively. Olive is more nimble than an average goblin during his time with Jack.

Flames of Wind is a technique that Olive has developed after the disappearance of Hero in remembrance, training his pseudo-flame with Kenichi. The breeze materialize like a wildfire, knocking back the enemy with a linger effect where the wind pinches tightly on the opponent. If there's an accompanying fire unit, the technique is boosted.