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Kolors and Pentos are derived from similar concepts, in regards to Aura. A colored aura dictates the personality of an individual. Due to this, the aura plays a role as to help build the universe, whether it's the Saltiverse or the Storiverse.


Pento is ChocoSanParou's personalized concept. It's likely derived from Dragon Ball Z usage of Ki given that his character displays themes of combat through energy punches and blasts. There are five colors in the original Saltiverse: Rojo, Amarillo, Verde, Azul and Purpura. As you may notice, this theming uses Spanish versions of the colors. More colors were added in regards to Saltiverse 2.0, where the colors are: Naraija, Rosado, Blanco, Gris, Negro and Marron.

Main Five






Saltiverse 2.0







Kolor is Just Kenneth's personalized concept. This concept was developed after Choco's as to expand on colors that hasn't quite been given a trait or even a name in regards to mix blends. Each color usually have a dual trait, one positive and one negative trait.

Main Six

Red is a color that is represented by blood, whether it shows how passionate and determined the individual is. It can also show the hunger of a individual who've sought out for something selfish, whether that would be power or the mere completion. It could be just mere completion that was in place, desiring for domination.

Yellow is a color that is representative of a speed bump, in which it requires caution to proceed. The individual with this color usually tends to be fair for the most part, whether they are in a cheerful mood or somber in it's nostalgia. The individual believes in the fairness of a person, regardless of the sourness outcome contrast with the optimism that's present. It's bittersweet, really.

Green is a color of a growing stem, showcasing the diligence of a plant and it's will to develop. The individual associated with the color has this hardship, with a cell wall that is developing. The roots gather the water, the stem transport the water and the leaves would undergo photosynthesis. The flower would complete it's growth, alongside their fellow petals and leaves that were there to aid the plant as a whole.

Cyan is the color of the lacking oxygen, usually cynical. Although depicted with futuristic aesthetics, shining on the creativity of the individual. It can also showcase the deadliness of the individual, having creatively destructive ways on dealing with their foe. Or just pessimistic.

Blue is a color of the river. A collection of water that shows the wavering flows of emotion, whether that would be sorrow or a raging tsunami. It is often harmonious in the calming patterns within the ebb. The collective sang their tune that which their pain washed away, but never quite gone. It lingers in form of a hopeless song.

Magenta is a color that doesn't quite exists. There's a expression that is displayed on the canvas, evoking strong emotions that struck the eyes of the viewer. A blend of the ends, it completes the circle as a whole. It has this realness to the color as it was painted across. In a way, it is a part of reality.

Secondary Six

Orange is the color of autumn, in which the leaves fall due to the vulnerability of the cold. As the middle ground of nostalgia and determination, there's a tradition to be had. The underlining desire to keep a tradition going, as to honor their people who've had fallen before them. A sign of hope for teaching to be had. Of course, those who have stuck to the tradition may be vulnerable as they faced things head on.

Chartreuse is the color of French liqueur, generally strong and pungent. Chartreuse originated from the liqueur, as it was developed by monks. Monks lived in solidarity, strayed away from the general populous. This may be a struggle in regards to communicating with those of a different background, however means well.

Aquamarine is the color of the Aurora, often associated with celestial powers. It's the sea water, which is the artic is full of, as it hold no land aside from the ice flooring that kept the those with the greatest will to see the sight and to leave alive.

Cerulean is the color of the sky, broad and limitless. The individual with this color have a



Sub Colors












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