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Lodging Manager Sam is a side character that assists Merchant Jack and Goblin Olive during their time in the Kingdom. Sam provides shelter, as he manages a motel near the church. Based on Peasant Sam given that Jack of All Trades is a fanfiction. In the fanfic, he as been given more to his character and his relation to the world he is in.


Sam is the son of a wealthy man who enjoyed the natural life. Sam sees the Kingdom in the distance and wanted to venture there. However abiding by the wish of his father, he stayed at the housing as to maintain a tradition. He lived a simple life of a peasant, continuing doing agriculture with his fellow sibling. He wanted to be more like his father when his father was in his prime, wanting to survive under his own handwork rather than living rent free. Eventually when his father passed, the inheritance was shared to him and his sister. However Sam denied it as he simply passed it all to his sister. He traveled to the Kingdom, branching out on his own as he is planning to going down a similar road of real estate. That being a lodging manager. He stayed within the Kingdom for quite some time before the arrival of the Traveling Merchant Jack.

Sam's motel is located near the church. This bound to have some interaction with his neighbors. Given that he manages the motel as well, he regularly interact with his renters. Regardless of the renter's place of origin, gives formalities and kindness.


Sam is a hardworking man who believes those that work earn their place in the Kingdom. He does his best to maintain the places he either own or has once lived in, as to provided a clean place to his renters and guest alike. He doesn't like to being given stuff for free, as evident when giving his half of the inheritance to Skiee.

In regards to the church that he occasionally visits, he befriend a Nun named Mary. They seem to get along, given that both are faithful to their path to work efficiently hard. Apparently something is going on there.

Battle Information

Due to Sam's hardworking nature, he has accomplished many tasks that requires daily maintenance. He developed a fit figure. He often use water when cleaning, pressurizing the water to wash of the dirt and dust of the floors. Given that water manipulation is a trait of his, he uses the opportunity to expand on his ability as well as clean at a faster rate.

During this time, he have develop a technique that parallels his urban lifestyle. He call this technique the Hydraulic Ebb, in which he utilizes a pinwheel and enhances it with the pressurized water that he has been using. He unleashes the pinwheel, having be use as a defensive measure. On the offense, the pinwheel spins rapidly, spiking any foes with splash damage.