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Jack is an unknown merchant that saved a goblin within Chapter One of Jack of All Trades. As his occupation as a traveling merchant, he tends to have special goods that aren't normally available within the town.


He appears during the time in which a goblin was averting its eyes from harm, guarding the goblin by bargaining with the Summoner and their guide. Once the bargain was over, the Merchant assures the Goblin by burring it's brethren. He introduces himself as Jack and gave the goblin his name, Olive. They grew a partnership, however it took trust from the tribe before proceeding with his partner.

Olive and Jack arrives in the Kingdom in which it reveals that the merchant originated from Elementia. They were allowed in by the guards that inspected Jack's id, soon finding a motel to settle in and a church for Olive's education. He noticed the his friendly Ronin was hired to watch over him due to his strange appearance and companion. It allude to their friendship with the landlord.

Two weeks passed since settling down. Jack is surprise to see Skiee herself, in which he invited her in. She was irritated by the intrusion from Kenichi. Anyhow, Olive and Jack are invited to the Plaza to shop and such, Jack took this opportunity to sale some exotic items. The transaction that took place was interrupted by an incident that happened nearby, in which they discover it was from the Dark Gacha Blade. The incident was resolved thanks to a Summoner and their guide Fairy Ellie, in which Olive and Co use the bats as fertilizer. Jack was given a blue orchid by Skiee.

A month has passed since the setting in, Jack and Olive started packing up. Jack leads the way towards Skiee's land, which is through the forest outside the Kingdom. He stumble upon the Bandit family and dealt with it swiftly, learning how Hero is a child in the family of thieves and development on why the farmers went turned this way. With the drought in mind, he continued onward to Skiee's home with Hero. Jack request for Skiee's help and assist Skiee by giving her the book by the name of 'ChenChen Bizarre Spells'. The moisture barrier came down and they rest for the night.

They traveled to the church in which Jack is the source of the anomaly, some of the corruption as revealed by Lucas. Lucas attempts to wipe the world clean, however stopped by the Nameless Hero through sheer Chaotic Neutrality.

Personality and Relationship

Jack seem to have a relatively calm tone to him, oddly relaxed towards normal hostile species such as goblins or bats. This brought the bond between Olive and him. He is rather caring towards Olive, albeit not audibly with items such as drawing material.

With his connection to the Kingdom as with the Lodging Manager and the Church, likely due to his economic fruition gain him connections with Sam and Nun Mary. With this, he eased was able to give Olive some form of education. Of course with the generally friendly nature between Sam and Mary, it's inferred that their connection is also on a platonic level.

Apparent with the inclusion of Shinobi Kenshi and Landlord Skiee, it brings some sort of mystery on how they met. Kenshi is in a role as Jack, however more stealthy on his finds. Skiee adores Jack, although he hasn't quite acted on it.

He's passive towards Hero.

Battle Information

For a traveling merchant with a backpack, he has to endure the increased weight of goods being compacted. It drags him down, making him slow in the process. Since he have access to hidden goods that aren't normally accessible, he may use them into his combat ability, ranging from scrolls, medicine and tomes to his good old durable shovel. The mask that he wears tend to obscure his face, giving him a unsettling clown-like feeling.

The technique known as Relic's Cultureshock is a combination of special items that are not for sale, priceless. It starts off with a common shove smack, using a tome to encase the opponent in a dragging tomb. Some of the elemental scrolls are used to insure the damage that's pent within. With an enchantment on the shovel, he buries the opponent.