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Mary is a Nun that works at the Church of Ducks. Her role is to provide education to the general populous. As such, she became Olive tutor some time later. She has a relatively have a minor role, but still important enough in the fanfic assists Olive in regards to his knowledge on the Kingdom's language. Similar to Sam, in which she originated from Lunime with her own article. Although not explored as much, there's a potential to be had after Chapter 6.


Apparently after seeing the destruction of the church, with Jack and Olive left scarred, she questioned her believe in the Church. Instead of attending the Luminous Church of Ducks, she took a break as to spend more time with Sam as well as thinking about Olive and Jack's testimony. She sought out the light of the Sun instead.

Personality and Relationship

She is a faithful individual, believing that what she does around the church is good such as teaching the general populous. As a nun, she stay on the path of charity and poverty. However, this may wavers with the recent development in regards to hanging out with her neighbor Sam. Both seem to understand the value of hardship, however Sam values the monetary gain of one alone while Mary is determined on her relatively poorer life, helping others instead. Whether the relationship will be serious is up for debate.

In regards to the Church's destruction, by her own God. She questions her faith. All this time in which she educate Olive, she didn't know that Olive wasn't in align with her deity vision as well as seeing Jack in a different light despite their passive interactions. She undergoes the struggle between the faith of the Church and the people she had spent the longest time with.

Battle Information

Nun Mary by herself is a light user. However with her alignment with the Church, her ability has been enhance by a divine being. Whether the ability can exists without the deity is up to debate. Since Mary is on the road towards pacifism, she is capable of healing her allies and pacifying her foes. She's not quite fit or agile.

For her technique, Sunshine Sheep, she summon a Sheep that embodies the dawning dreams that await. Such the light of the sun shines upon her foes. This attack pacify the foes, usually lasting three turns as well as heal her allies during the opponent's slumber.