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The Storiverse Wiki consist of records regarding some grand stories by Kenneth Yasa that originated from something silly as Gacha Studio and later transformed with the usage of Ibis Paint and Gacha Club. The original scraps were once hosted on the deceased Lunime forums through it's gallery and threads. Because of this history, ties to the Lunime forums are prevalent among the works.

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For now, I am a one man team that is building the Storiverse. that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content.If you are willing to constribute to the wiki, feel free to drop a comment requesting to update the page in question. If you are willing to add to the Uncanons, feel free to click the "ADD NEW PAGE". You may edit your own page by clicking "EDIT" button and request page protection once the you finished.

Original Collection

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Lunime Wiki

Due to the brief history that was explained above, many characters were had their upbringing such as Skipper Syrup, DJ Fear and a few more preset characters that were used as civilians. We used a few concepts such as the Mixgear, an device that used powerful record disc. The characters are also connected with few of the Units there.

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