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Summoner Kenneth is a character that is the overall concept of both Misadventure and Alternative Story fused together.


Misadventure Kenneth is simply a character that appears on the Gacha Moon alongside with Puppet. They seem to be part of an parallel version of Gacha world as they were seen with some of the Units. He have known Teal Sylph, Creator Luni and Melnya for a bit.

On one trip with his brother Donavon, they encountered a mysterious character who goes by the name of Gray. She joined, part of Puppet and Kenneth's shenanigans.

Alternative Story

Alt. Story Kenneth is simply a Gacha Summoner of his world. However the Units in question seem to be altered significantly, either switching roles with another.

Meme Hunters

In this story, Kenneth and co. failed to stop the Meme Bringer, taken care of and memed on. Kenneth becomes Baby Blue Ken, based on some song. With the help of Fireflies Fate, they'll be able to fix their mistake.

Meme Sharer

In this prequel sequel in which Kenneth and co. is sent back in time to end the corruption loop within the Meme Sharer world.

Scrapped Stories

In Scrapped Stories, Kenneth is suppose to be a new mixture of the previous two versions. He seem to find the ruins in which he spent time with Puppet. They seem to reflect and Kenneth later left.

Some time later, He was seen fighting with Storyteller, Madam Gris and Vega for some unknown reason. The reason was never explored and it was strange that he partnered with Zenniken.

Personality and Relationship

Through out each iteration, it starts as a innocent weirdo to a progressively depressed and isolated. Alt Story contains the most of the progression as he starts off fairly happy and confident with his venture alongside with Spiral and Puppet. Has a more oblivious facade. However when engaging with the corruption down in Meme Hunters, failing on his seemingly final attempt to stop it causes him to lose his confidence in his skills, consumed by the blues. Eventually he recovers his fading confidence with a second chance that was given.

Scrapped Stories variant seems pretty unknown, generally alone with the exception of having Zenniken as a unit for some reason. It seems out of place, inferring the relationship between them must be a work only kind of deal. He had reunited with Puppet for a brief time, with the conversation easing Kenneth's mind. Although, such moments fades away.

Battle Information

As a Summoner, he has to rely on organization and manpower. He through out his adventure has become very durable and holds great strength with a hint of luck. Luck tends to play a big theme in his battle, being either lucky enough to finish it off or unlucky enough to provide a chance for the greater good. His weapons varies, being a crescent sword or a sword that draws inspiration from a seraphim. The Scrapped Stories variant combines the swords together, The sword regardless draws energy of Gachapon, capable of summoning powerful units that he formed.

He has a special technique that was used in the final battle within Alternative Story. It was nicknamed the Lucky Barrage, in which he summons all of his units that he has met within her world. The unity of fire, water and wind elements form the shape of clover, closing in on opponent.