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Summoner Kross, originally named Summoner K was a character that originated from Just Kenneth naming the summoner in Gacha Memories. He was later used in some set of Stories that are both typed out, drawn and screenshotted with Gacha Studio.

K's Memories


In Zenaniken, Summoner K has arrived from a train ride in which he happens to be invited by Luni along with other Summoners. He wandered around, eventually in a forest in which he stares a strange unit for some hours. That unit happen to be Zenniken, his first unit. As he travels with his companion, some lad from a distant area named Grayscale joined the party. The three hiked on a mountain to seek a mysterious creature, The creature was Spiral in which they have to fight to earn his trust.

Orb Hunt

He was with his two friends. They are the passionate Spiral and his kind friend Grayscale. They were invited along with other summoners and maybe their units who'd be the Gacha Memories sequel. The Trio decided to check out the Circus. In this circus show, they spotted at shadow on the railing and wanted to know who it was. Spiral had threw his two friends to see who this particular person is. It seem to be a ninja who's cloth disguises swiftly, no matter or where ever. After their exchange of clashing metal, A fellow Green Jester stops them and asked why they are there. The three were curious about the shadow while Ninja Ken merely wanted meet up with the Jester. She informed the four about the Wind Orb she found and discuss the potential importance of the orb. They went on an orb hunt with Captain Jacko and searched for the orbs. They seem to encounter Sol's underlings along the way.


After the events of K's Memories that was formerly dubbed as the Orb Hunt, He finds himself alone with no form of a Gacha weapon. He kept in contact with his friends Spiral and Grayscale, Both of them on their own paths. K adopted a baby who he have found in a basket. He took the child along the train ride. He called the child Aqua. He wandered out of the station and checked out the nearby forest to see a huge tree. This tree glowed with light and this gave a child another chance at life. He calls himself DJ Adam and is guided by an Apple Reaper. K often finds himself taking care of these children who he keeps finding, thinking that maybe He'll find their parents... He grew fond and tired of these powerful children.

Scrapped Stories

A flashed occurred in his world, reducing the many connection, the carried burdened and the feeling of home that he had... He finds himself alone in a cell. He later learns that he was a subject that'd participate in the "Benevolently Reborn In the New God's Eccentric Relapse", shorted as the BRINGER Project. K fought his way through the many trails he was tasked with... And on many of those events were deaths. He continued onward despite falling in the six feet hole many times. After these tests... He was being watched over by Ginger. He asked her the many questions, venting even. She was silent... Then he heard of a soldier exiting the facility, a traitor. Rumors spread of Kernel's previous existence and his involvement with the Factory Reset... A grudge grew that day. He's given the name Kross due to this beliefs that kept him sane and hopeful.

Personality and Relationship

During his time in K's Memories, he maintain a rather stoic facade, persisting with his venture. Examples of this was the loss of his left arm, in which he grit his teeth from an accident that has occurred in Zenaniken. He finds some sense of fondness towards older construction projects such as a Abandoned Gazebo, reminiscing of Spiral and Grayscale. He's appreciative of Grayscale due to his gentle demeanor and motivated by Spiral's passionate behavior.

He's not sure what to make of Zenniken as he vaguely recalls him in the forest. There's a definite sense of fondness towards Zenniken's uncanny appearance. When it came to Zenniken shenanigans that were rather irrational, he grew irritated. Over the madness, it seems rather pleasant.

Within Scrapped Stories, he seems alone and distraught that he can't seem to unite with Spiral and Gray. He hold a fair grudge against the COLONY, however understand the importance of the anomaly that's he's placed in. He's under a working relationship towards Soldier Ginger. In contrast to the rumored Kernel and Blizzard that has been going around during the information leak, there's a sense of anger as his time within K's Memories was practically washed off.

Battle Information

As a Summoner, he is generally tactical. He focuses on methods on eliminating the threat, whether it would be passive or hostile. His forms of attack focuses on surprise and obscurity, attacking on the rear while heading forward for a slash. In the case in which he is under attack, he would maneuver with his built mass, ejecting an elemental force with his Gacha-arm. However in the case of Scrapped Stories, noise and static ejects instead as there is no definite element.

The cross in question serves as a heavy weapon, wrecking away foes of a more supernatural nature. It grants reflective properties, knocking back the foe's attack if the attack was concentrated. The sword is more lighter and swifter in its blows, associated with some sort of elemental force as well with the Gacha-Arm.

He developed a special technique in which he concentrate the mass of the elemental or static force and bounce it around with cross changing it's position. In the opportunity in which the energy builds and reflects off the cross, Kross on the opposite side will pummel in with the same force of energy. This technique is referred as the Force Interception